(Selected talks, in reverse chronological order, see CV for complete list)

  1. A Complete Characterization of Unitary Quantum Space (QIP’17, Seattle [pdf].  Longer version at University of Texas Austin Theory Seminar [pdf], another at IQI, Caltech [pdf])
  2. On Quantum Obfuscation (QCrypt’16, Washington D.C [pdf])
  3. Space-Efficient Error Reduction for Unitary Quantum Computations (ICALP’16, Rome [pdf])
  4. The Power of Quantum Fourier Sampling (TQC’16, Berlin [pdf], Longer version at Heilbronn/QALGO Quantum Algorithms Meeting, Cambridge University [pdf].  Another at Semi-Quantum Computing Workshop, The Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo [pdf].  Another at the University of Copenhagen and the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava [pdf])
  5. Tutorial on QMA(2) (QuICS Workshop on QMA(2), QuICS, College Park, MD [pdf])
  6. On QMA vs QCMA and Subset State Verification (IQI, Caltech [pdf])
  7. On Beating the Hybrid Argument (ITCS’12, MIT [pdf])
  8. On Pseudorandom Generators and the BQP vs PH Problem (Featured Talk, QIP’11, Singapore [pdf])